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schooner woodwind, a large multi-mast sailboat, sailing across blue water with full sails out and people out on deck enjoying the sunset. three radio towers are in the background on land.


As we cruise around, we are collecting data on different marinas, their amenities, vendors, and more. Check this section for our knowledge and experience with different locations we visit.

a windlass in two parts. on the left is the motor, a rusted cylinder of metal. on the right, the top of the windlass that is stainless steel and a bit shiny

Boat Maintenance

In addition to locations and products, we are also gathering data on various sources for parts, service, and information be it training or education. Check this section for all things specific to maintaining a boat.

small square thermometer showing temperature, currently 90 degrees farenheit, and humidity, currently reading 69%. white thermometer is sitting on a wooden table.


Since moving onto the boat, we have found that we use a lot of different items because of the nature of boat life. For example, switching out towels was a big deal because terry towels don't dry very quickly in humid environments. Check this section for our recommendations.


Chesapeake Bay


Herrington Harbor North


Ministry of Sailing

David Sharp


Fuel Polishing – Shoreline Fuel & Marine Services

Rigging – East Coast Marine Rigging

Electrical – Marine Technical Services

Windlass Rebuild – Chesapeake Marine Engineering

AC and Refrigeration – Shiver Me Timbres

Boat Maintenance

Parts Sources

Defender, West Marine, Amazon

P2Marine – windlass bearings

Max Marine – refurbished and used electronics, specifically bushings for a working AP16 to be used as a backup device (or sold off later once we upgrade our autopilot)


Moving onto the boat meant finding new products to help us make the best use of the space and resources we have in a small space and limited options. Below are some items that we recommend for various reasons, whether they are making our lives easier or they’re simply products we love (i.e. anything coffee related).

We receive no kickbacks for any of the items in this list.
These Hanging Rope Baskets on Etsy fit great in the head on a command strip on the wall. The handle is removable, which makes them great for general storage anywhere on the boat.
tan rope basket is shown in different configurations with the leather hook-type strap on the edge removeable.

Amazon Affiliates

I have debated about whether to post Amazon affiliate links on products specifically for the boat. On one hand, I don’t want to obligate anyone to use our links AND I don’t want to pressure anyone into buying from Amazon, a big tech company with questionable ethics and practices (hooray capitalism). On the other hand, I have no control over any of that shit. Thus, I will keep all of our amazon-specific recommendations in our Amazon storefront, and you can use it or not. We get a little kickback when you do.