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viewing the outside through the frame of a portlight. there is a small white cloud floating in a deep blue sky. the bow of a large boat is in view as well as trees in the background.

DIY + Vendor Education: Our Experience

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Pinky & Charlie take a DIY+Vendor approach to their transition to full-time liveaboard life. They emphasize the importance of finding the right partners.

Loka: What’s in a Boat Name?

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Renaming a boat is said to be bad luck, but how much does that matter? What is Loka anyway? Pinky shares their reasoning for changing the boat name to Loka.

pinky has blonde short hair, pulled back and is wearing a while long sleeve shirt with a lifejacket and sunglasses on. charles has long hair pulled in a pony tail, wearing sunglasses and a hat. he's also wearing a long sleeve teal shirt and a life jacket. the ocean is in the background as they are on a sailboat

First, an Introduction

Pinky shares an introduction to SV Loka as well as its owners, Charles and Pinky. Learn a bit about their background and Loka